The Sommelier Society of America gives lessons about Moravian wines

Thursday, December 18 th, 2014
Rudiger Eilers, The Sommelier Society of America with Moravian wines

Rudiger Eilers, The Sommelier Society of America with Moravian wines

A year and a half in the US market Moravian wines are available in seven states for more than a hundred places and now also got into teaching sommelier oldest schools in the USA.

Exactly a year after the official presentation of Moravian wines in the USA (May 2013), our wines also got into the curriculum The Sommelier Society of America – the oldest sommelier school in the US, for which he helped Czech Wine Imports, importer Moravian wines to the US.

It is one small but very important victory on the way branding Moravian wines in the USA. In the United States, as well as in some other countries, is a fairly closed community of certified sommeliers who have great influence on the selection of wines offered primarily in restaurants, including the wines presented in the media. Increasing awareness of Moravian wines right in this community of experts is therefore necessary for each wine region, which has higher ambitions.

7 US states, 100+ restaurants and shops with wine

Number of places where you can Moravian wines in the USA buy, constantly growing, and include such gastronomic stars such as Craft (NY), Park Grill (IL), Union League Café (CT) or L’Escale (CT). There are now over 100 and are located in the states of New York, Illinois, Connecticut, New Jersey, Rhode Island, California and Washington, DC In the coming months they will also be added Arizona and Texas. In most of these states have (or soon will be) our wines, its direct sales representatives who deal exclusively selling them.

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